Whats all this about?

As you all might be aware, the UK has been experiencing especially cold weather. This has now unfortunately hit the South West.

This morning at 06:15 GMT in Tiverton at the office there was nothing to greet us for the start of the day. Unfortunately, by 06:30 this changed bringing in a nice layer of snow.

This weather according too the news is going to get worse as we have store Emma approaching which is set to bring in more snow.


How does this effect us?

Well weather like this does not normally effect us, but due to the current conditions we have some alterations.

During the current weather our engineers are still contactable on 01884 6640004 and helpdesk@strobe-it.co.uk , but we shall not to performing any site visits today and until further notice.

We are sorry if this causes issues to your business, but we believe being safe is the best.

Please rest assured our monitoring and remote support is not affected.


Service Status

Remote SupportService as Normal
On-Site SupportCurrently Unavailable
Internet ConnectionsService as Normal
Office 365Service as Normal
Spam FilteringService as Normal


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