New 3CX Partnership

Here at Strobe IT we have been continuing to invest time into getting better technologies and solutions for our clients. The recent developments we have been working on is with our VoIP telephone systems we offer.

We have for a while now been using and supporting a system called FreePBX; but as time has moved on so has requirements from our customers. Some of the features and functions that our customers have been asking for are: –

  • Remote access to take and calls on mobiles and other mobile devices
  • Video conferencing and web meetings
  • PC to phone integration for transfers, on screen notifications etc
  • Integration with other platforms like Office 365, Salesforce, SurgarCRM and many more

To provide these new features and abilities we have become a partner with 3CX allowing us to sell, support and provide what is required. As a business we like to specialise in the technologies we provide, enabling us to focus on providing a better service with the systems we have instead of branching to many and giving an OK service on them. Due to this we will be discontinuing the setup of any new FreePBX environments, we will still continue to support and maintain existing clients systems; just future installations performed by us will be using 3CX.

We do not take decisions like this lightly, but due to the above features and what benefits we can also apply using existing systems and services are: –

  • Disaster recovery using Datto
  • Shared address book which doubles as caller display with Office 365
  • Monitoring to the same level as a server using Comodo One MSP [Our monitoring and support platform]
  • Virus protection with Comodo or F-Secure
  • Integration of free and busy times in calendar with Office 365 & Microsoft Outlook
  • Faster deployments of handsets with no need to visit site

We see all this as good news as it allows us to serve you better while providing you a more compatible product; this will enable you to operate your business easier without having to learn another add-on.

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