April 2019 – Continued Service Improvements


We are always trying to improve our services for our clients, be it access to information or easier support requests.

This month we have a few tweaks and changes to the communication sides of our system enabling us to support you more efficiently.

Support Ticket / Email Branding

Over the last few months we have found many people raising the same issue over and over instead of updating existing tickets, or that they do not know we have communicated to them.

Our support system is basically one big email receiving and sending device, it receives emails from customers and sends updates / fixes back as emails.

The other features like nagging us support staff that ticket X needs attention or a new ticket has been raised does not concern most people; but it does us as that is how we know what is going on.

Because of this logging we have all your information in one place meaning any member of our staff can look at your ticket and know what is going on. This is also where the problem comes in, as if a new email is sent instead of a reply being made on the exiting email for the ticket; a new ticket is issued with no history of your job.

Something else we also struggle with is people not recognising we have updated them or requested more information etc.

To combat this we have taken action!

New style of display name

We have as shown in the picture above started to change all our central service system to display as “Service” @ Strobe IT allowing us to stand out.

On top of this we have changed the layout of the email subjects sent from our helpdesk platform.

new subject layout to help identify emails

From the picture above you will see that we are having every email start with [Strobe IT Support] making it stand out. This will be then followed by the ticket number of your issue as well as the subject/summary provided.

Telephone System

We have now modified our telephone system to provide menu options for the right type of service you have with us.

For instance if you have a VoIP or Mobile service with us, choosing the telephone services option will warn you that we need the number of your service. As the call comes to us it will tell us your after phone service support so we can have the right tools loaded and ready!

Having correct menus like this also allows for future growth and service affect issue prioritising. Please use the right options so we can help you efficiently!

Mobile Phones

Our engineers have mobile phones so they can access our VoIP telephone system, email alerts / ticket updates etc while in and out of the office.

These phones are not for support calls, any calls or messages to these phones will not be answered or returned.

Unfortunately we are extremely strict on this because: –

  • Calls cannot be logged or tracked
  • Engineers might be on annual leave or sick
  • Only the engineer of that mobile has access to the device and messages

Direct Emails

Our engineers all have email accounts, these are designed so they can

  • Access our management platform
  • Speak to suppliers and manufactures
  • See alerts and warning from monitoring
  • Be informed of updates or status changes on support tickets

These email accounts are not for reporting support issues, and as such emails to these accounts will not be processed.

We have to be strict here as alerts for system outages need to be seen as a top priority, so additional emails could hide such information. Like our mobile phones only the email owner can access and see the messages.

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