April 2019 – Friendlier Spam Messages

Spam is never a nice thing, and it basically is a waste of peoples time.

Problem is, fighting spam is really hard; and the services offered can be confusing and just as spammy as spam itself!

We have taken on clients feedback and issues with our system, and released an update which should help.

Not only have we updated the scanning abilities of our system; but we have also improved the friendliness of our reports.

Preview of new Spam Quarantine Template

We have improved our quarantine message in the following ways: –

  • Email is now a single language which is English (used to be in English and Turkish)
  • Description about what the email is has been added
  • Information on how to release spam added
  • Explanation about “probable spam” added which should explain why you see the messages in quarantine but are unable to release them
  • Cleaner list of spam messages in your quarantine

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