April 2019 - Return of the bugs

If you are a tech enthusiast or use a Microsoft based computer a lot you will know that 2019 has not been a great year for Windows 7, Windows 10, Office or many different antivirus products like Comodo, F-Secure, Avast etc..

2019 has been the year of the buggy software from all sides causing anything from computer slowness, internet and network loss and much worse. Lets cover some of the issues experienced so far!


This is the management and monitoring suite we use to help our clients; this tool alerts us to issues and provides diagnostic tools.

Unfortunately in January a new release of this suite also gave a new problem, this was in the form of over working the computers hard drive. As the hard drive was kept at nearly 100% by this suite there was no % left to open applications or files users requested. This caused major slowness for computers; but was fixed by February.

Comodo Client Security

Unfortunately in February Comodo released their 4 weekly update to the business branch of the antivirus solution which had issues with using the computer CPU (processor) to too long when checking items, this unfortunately caused issues with computer speed and was resolved in March’s release.

April’s release of the business antivirus has a few issues related to the firewall meaning network connections and applications either randomly drop or you get no connection at all. Comodo in co-ordination with us have pulled this update while a fix is created; unfortunately version has made it’s way onto some computers before the update was pulled from production.

F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB)

The migration in March from the old Workstation Protection agent to the new Computer Protection agent had issues with assigning the correct firewall rules meaning some network applications stopped working until rules and profiles had been double checked and modified as required.

Microsoft Office

If you are a Microsoft Office 365 user, you might have noticed that near the end of 2018 your desktop software was upgraded from 2016 to 2019.

This is a good thing, and is exactly what you pay your subscriptions for; but unfortunately since this the updates for Jan, Feb & March have been very large and taken an age to install.

This combined with the other application bugs at the time has meant updates taking as long as 1 hour and more. During this time people have been unable to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) which has caused businesses lots of downtime.

Microsoft Windows

April is not a good month for Windows, this is not just for Windows 10 but also for Windows 7 users as well.

There have been issues with computer speed after the updates, or even PC’s freezing during updates so they never complete.

Other issues involve compatibility issues with antivirus products causing computer slowness or complete loss of internet and network connections.


It is not often we see major issues like this, especially across multiple companies at the same time.

No one likes to have computer issues, including us IT Techs; but especially ones we cannot really do anything about.

That being said, like a great friend of our company says “It is just code, we can find the bad lines and correct them. We all have code issues from time to time, but it is how you correct them that counts!”

We are glad to say we have been working closely with all provides to give them as much information as possible to solve all issues and restore your systems to full health.