Email Security

What is the problem?

Email is an odd technology, this is compared to it’s non-digital form the letter. This is down to it being the key to so many systems and possibly your identity in the digital world.

In this new digital age if someone can break into your email, or successfully pretend to be you; then they can almost do anything as you.

What can be done to protect us?

Here at Strobe IT, we are always looking at ways to improve security and awareness of these security issues to keep our customers safe.

below are a ever updating list of things you can do and what we do for you.

General Security Measures

  1. We advise using a different password for your email that is not used anywhere else. This reduces the risk of one platform being compromised allowing them into your email as you use the same information.
  2. Changing your email password regularly
  3. Not clicking on any links without thinking or checking who is sending you the email.
  4. Not using your work email for personal messages, and not using your personal for business messages. This is to reduce the chance of your recipients being hacked and leaking your information; especially as personal emails generally have less security or linked to social media.

To help with clicking on links and fight email spoofing (pretending to be a work colleague) we have provided all managed service customers which have email covered with us an additional protection rule.

This rule highlights messages that are from outside your organisation with a yellow banner as in the picture to the side. This is a nice reminder to be safe and think; as the best form of protection is you!

Additional Security

As a customer of ours you have the option of taking up our spam and security features for your email which provides additional protection for your business.

The security features you get with this are…

  1. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Rules
  2. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signing of Emails
  3. Complete List Coming Soon…..

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