February 2020 – Price increases

Why an increase?

Unfortunately as time is going on and a new financial year approaches; this is when all companies put up their prices.

As our long and loyal customers will know we held off increasing our prices for many years, but even we now have to do this.

Due to increased costs as of 1st April 2020 all existing clients will see these price increases on their latest invoices. Any new clients will start on the new price(s) and will not see any difference.

Maintenance Increases

We have been looking at the predicted costs and how we can minimise any increase to our clients.

To achieve this we have three price increases

  • Desktop/Laptop support increased by £0.50 Ex VAT
  • Base Server support increased by £1.00 Ex VAT
  • Base Virtual Server support increased by £1.00 Ex VAT

With this in mind we are happy to say we are not increasing prices for any charges for work outside of maintenance agreements once again meaning we have kept a low price on this for 3+ years!

Pay As You Go / Break Fix Increases

We have made some increases to our prices for this category and the latest information can be found in our online brochure here.

Mobile Phone & Voice over IP (VoIP) Increases

Currently we are in discussions about prices with our wholesale companies and carriers to get the best possible prices; but at this time we have no word on any changes.

When we have more information about this we shall let you know.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Increases

Microsoft Office 365

Currently Microsoft have not raised any up and coming price changes with us. Normally this happens in January so we are expecting this to stay the same.

SaaS Protection for O365

Our protection suite for Office 365 has recently had a price decrease by £0.40 Ex VAT and this is not going to change again during these increases.

At some point during this year the older style “Backupify for Office 365” system and pricing will be retired and all customers migrated to the newer SaaS Protection model.

SaaS Protection for GSuite

Our protection suite for GSuite has recently had a price decrease by £0.40 Ex VAT and this is not going to change again during these increases.

Hardware Disposal

We are adding a new service set where we can dispose of your hardware for you. So far the costs for this have not yet been finialised but will be online soon!

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