February 2020 – Windows 7 End of Life

What is Windows?

All Computers, phones, laptops and tablets have something called an “operating system”. An operating system is the main application that allows you to turn on your device and interact with it, be that installing more applications like Google Chrome or Microsoft Office.

Without an operating system you device would just be an electronic paperweight and do nothing.

Windows is the main operating system created by Microsoft. This is used by a vast number of home and business users of devices. These devices include desktops, laptops and tablets.

What is meant by “End of Life”?

Microsoft released “Windows 7” on 22nd July 2009; at the time this was the latest and greatest version with many feature/security improvements.

As time goes on, Microsoft release updates for Windows 7 to continue improving it and solving security issues. But this is only for a period known as a life cycle.

Microsoft set the end of the life cycle for Windows 7 to be 14th January 2020.

What does this mean for my device?

Technically this does not mean a huge amount for your device on a day to day basis and you using.

What this does mean is, that security issues discovered will no longer be fixed; and Microsoft will also no longer be improving the system.

In real terms this means that over time hackers and virus creators will find holes and issues with Windows 7 and then use these to attack you or steal your data.

What are Strobe Technologies doing about it?

With our maintenance clients we are working with them to get all devices either upgraded if possible or replace with a new machine.

If we have not started this for your business please do not worry as we are working as fast as we can to get this done asap for all.

For our non-maintenance (pay as you go) clients we are doing this on a per request basis, so please get in touch to discuss your setup / requirements.

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