Helpdesk and Monitoring Changes

As with all services, changes happen. Sometimes these changes are too often or maybe they seem to be a backwards step. We hope the changes we have introduced are an improvement and the way forwards.


Monitoring Agent Branding

As part of our maintenance service agreement, we install an agent on your devices called Comodo ITSM Agent.  This agent allows us to monitor your devices for errors, run corrective processes, update software packages and more.

One thing we have found is that client question what this is, especially when it is asking to reboot your computer. To make this seem more acceptable and self explanatory we have re-branded this to Strobe IT ITSM Agent.


Helpdesk Emails

We have for a long time tried to cram a lot of information into a ticket update email, but we have been finding that these are not friendly and do not work on mobiles. To combat this we have re-designed our email templates to remove things like our logo and silly catch phases. We have also taken the useful information like ticket number and topic, and placed them at the top before any update messages so it’s clear what we are talking about.

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