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3CX Welcome Guide

When a user is added to a 3CX telephone system, it automatically sends a welcome email with instructions. Some people seem to be able to follow these instructions, others need a little more guidance.

If you use this email or not keep it safe as the attached configuration file is needed; but if you do lose this a request to resend this is possible.

In this quick guide we shall take you through a simple configuration for Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS.


Microsoft Windows

On your Windows based computer follow these simple steps: –

  1. Install the Windows client from this link – 3CX Phone for Windows V15
  2. Open the welcome email you received that should look like this
    Image of 3CX Welcome Email
  3. Save the attached configuration file to your desktop
  4. With just your desktop and 3CX client showing like below, drag the configuration file on to the 3CX clientImage of 3CX Client ready to be configured
  5. After a few moments your 3CX client will be configured and look something like this meaning it is ready to be used
    Image of 3CX fully configured


Android & iOS

With Android and Apple iOS (Known as an “iPhone”), the steps are identical but with some differences like Google Play Store being Android where iOS uses App Store.

With this in mind we have used generic terms to help, for example Email being your email client.

Follow these steps to get your phone configured: –

  1. Open your Store and search for 3CX
  2. Install 3CX Client from your search results
  3. Open your Email
  4. Find and open your welcome email
  5. Download and open the attached configuration file. Once this is downloaded it should automatically launch 3CX and configure the application for you.
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