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Can I have admin rights?

This is a major question from a few businesses and their users. There are extremely good reasons why this is not done, or a dedicated account created for such tasks; these reasons are: –


Computer Security

If a user has admin rights to the machine or the server; so does any nasty code or applications that is on the system. So if you came across a new threat that managed to get passed your anti-virus, it would have free access to do as it wished as you are an administrator. But if you did not have these rights the damage could be limited to effecting just the one user account, and not the computer / network.


Little Knowledge is dangerous

As in Spiderman, the great phase of “With Great Power Come Great Responsibility”; is completely true with being an computer administrator. We often find users that do have admin rights are often not trained or have some knowledge, and due to this they often tinker with setting they do not understand; because of this more problems for IT support are generally created.


Scripts & Policies

Within most businesses a server or two is at the heart of the network; this gives IT staff control to perform certain tasks or provide services required by the business. Some of these tasks might be every day stuff you take for granted like being able to see a network drive; these drives and other settings are applied to your account & computer via software policies or scripts. Unfortunately giving users admin rights on the network will cause problems with these applying on Windows Vista or newer because of the new protection feature called UAC (User Account Control).

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