VoIP and CDR changes from March

As part of our standard telephone lines (PSTN) and voice over IP (VoIP) telephone lines (Known as “SIP Trunks” ); we provide our customers with a login to SVK Software’s “CDR2Cloud” platform so they can run reports to see what calls they have made, their cost and various other information.


Why are we changing?

CDR2Cloud is a good system, and it has provided a good platform during its time; but we have come across two major issues with a few niggles that have forced us to look again. The problems we are having are: –

  • None of our customers seem to use the system to generate their CDR (Call Data Reports).
  • CDR2Cloud are scraping all the smaller packages forcing a price increase to us meaning we have to make the choice of change or up our prices to handle these costs.
  • Lots of the reports are basic not allowing customers to see what they need.
  • Development in the system seems to have stopped meaning features like adding your call plan to the CDR giving you an overview / single invoice has not progressed.


What is the way forward?

In-house we have been working hard to research a new system without any luck; so we have been developing our own.

Starting in March we will be using the new system and removing access to CDR2Cloud. All reports from CDR2Cloud have been exported and will be available in the new system.

The new system will work as follows for VoIP customers: –

  • Call Plan Invoice raised on 1st of month
  • Additional Call Invoice raised 7th/8th of month
  • VoIP Report generated and stored in your portal for viewing


So what is different?

The main differences are how you access the data, details on this will be passed to your accounts email address we have on file. The other big difference is the reports themselves, a summary of the differences are: –

  1. File name will be in the format of YYYY-MM-07–YYYY-MM-06_SIPID.pdf
  2. The date in the file name will be the plan date not the CDR date
  3. Report contains an overview page at the start showing a breakdown in costs across the plan and calls
  4. Pie chart on overview showing a percentage of call usage between UK Mobile (Main providers only) and other destinations.
  5. The CDR pages not only break down your calls but now show minutes used and remaining from within your plan


If you have any questions, or would like anymore information please get in touch with us.

Strobe Technologies Ltd

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