Microsoft Unified Updated Platform (UUP) News

General Information About UUP

Over the last few days Microsoft have released more information on the up and coming Unified Updated Platform (UUP).

The main goal with this new style of update; is to improve customers experience of the update process from start to finish. To start the download is reduced in size making them quicker to download and lighter on computer resources to install.

Microsoft first release some details about UUP back in November 2016, and released it to testers soon after. This new technology is currently rumored to hit main stream for Windows 10 users this fall. To read Microsoft’s article about this see this blog on the Windows site.


Technical background to how this works

Currently all updates for Windows contain all files for that section of system that is being updated even if they are not changed. These additional files increase the size of the download for each update as well as increasing the time taken to install the update once downloaded.

The new system purposed by Microsoft is to only download the files that have actually changed, it is estimated to be up to 60% smaller.

Microsoft is using a technique like delta or differential to compare your computers current files; this determines which ones are needed creating a dedicated update for your machine. The dedicated update allows for smaller downloads to each machine along with quicker install times.

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