Security Improvements for Maintenance Clients

Over the last month computer security has had a lot of coverage in the news and on the internet. Some of these headlines are: –

  • Google Disclosing Unpatched Microsoft Windows Bug
  • UK Search Engines Agree to ‘Demote’ Pirate Websites
  • UK Cyber Fraud Losses up to £125 Billion
  • Over a Million WordPress Websites Defaced

With all this going on in the world we have changed some of the secure measures we apply to customers; these changes include running critical software patches daily.

Normally this change in schedule would not make much difference to your computers, but over the next weeks you will notice a slowness of your computers due to a Microsoft “mega” patch along with other big updates expected.  If this does effect you we are extremely sorry and please be aware we are monitoring the situation to make sure we get the right line between security and usability.

As part of this we are looking at other systems. These include backup systems, internet filters and more! We shall keep you all updated to our research and newer offerings so watch this space.

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