March 2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated 09/04/2020

Official Information

For information about what Coronavirus is and how you should protect yourselves please see the UK government sources below.

We are not providing advice for businesses on how to manage this.

Effects on support

Currently at Strobe IT we personally are not effected with the virus; and so far none of our customers are effected.

This is good as we still have a full and operational team ready to help you; but that being said, it does not count for additional calls and questions about working from home or changes to system to manage etc.

Our aim is to not have any reduction in support for our clients, and we apologise in advance if this does happen.

Precautions being taken

Since the lock down we are NOT visiting sites unless your issue falls under the following conditions: –

  1. An internet connection that we provide is not working
  2. A Telephone line we provide is not working
  3. VoIP services are not working
  4. Critical devices like a server is not working and cannot be fixed remotely

As you can imagine, we are a small company with many employees having young families. Due to this we are taking the following precautions: –

  1. We will not visit your business if you have had an employee or visitor confirmed to have the virus.
  2. If your business is located close to an infected business that is closed due to the virus we will not visit. This will be judged case by case.
  3. Our staff our now working from home providing mainly remote support.
  4. Visit’s to site will be fully at the discretion of the support member helping you. This will be based on severity of your issue and risk of a visit.

Working From Home

Our staff are now working from home as advised by the government to help reduce the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19.

As part of working from home we still have full access to our support tools and telephone services. Because of this there should be no reduction in service.

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