March 2020 – COVID-19 and Remote Working

General Information

As you can imagine we are getting a lot of requests from multiple organisations and employees of these organisations.

Please bear with us while we get this all up and running for you.

Remote Access

We have been working with our management and monitoring software provider to see if we can provide access to customers computers remotely using this software.

We are glad to say that we have now successfully go a solution in place where you can request an account from us, you then download software on to your home computer which allows you to connect and control your office PC.

Basic Instructions and Downloads can be found here, but you need to request details from our helpdesk.

Other options for working from home can be provided; but this is all dependant on your businesses IT needs and setup which you will need to discuss with one of our team.

The costs for the remote access solution above is being covered by Strobe Technologies Ltd for maintenance customers only.


Most if not all the telephone services we provide are powered by 3CX telephone servers; and this cloud / web based system enables us to provision your phones to be accessed anywhere.

Out of the box we can provide you with a 3CX app for your smart phones; as well as a desktop application to use with a headset.

If you would like to take a physical phone home this can be done but a little extra configuration would be needed.