Internet Protection with Dome Shield

As part of our constant developments as an MSP, we have been looking at the biggest issue for our clients; the INTERNET!


Why is that an issue?

There are many reasons why the internet is an issue, for others more of the following examples will apply than others: –

  • You want to stop access to known virus infected websites
  • Do online banking and want additional protection to stop access to phishing websites
  • Restrict or stop certain content types entering the business


How will this protection work?

The process is an address book lookup change, instead of giving you the address of the unwanted information we give you the address of a page explaining why you have been stopped.

A little more information on this for a technical minded is….

Every human readable address like for example is converted to a computer readable address lie which is called and IP Address. So what we would do is change the address book you use (normally your internet service providers) to ours; at that point we send you the addresses in accordance to the configured rules we have for you.


So what does this extra protection cost?

This is the beauty thing, we are going to be offering this basic service for FREE to all maintenance clients. So be that you have either a remote only or on-site agreement we will offer this service to you FREE!


How do we get this setup?

We have already started doing this for our clients. Over November we are going to be rolling this out to all clients with compatible setups.

Once this is complete we will then be looking at customers with more complex setups, so watch this space!


What if we don’t want it?

If you do not want the service, or want to change some of the defaults to meet your needs; please contact us so we can make this work for you.

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