SpamSnake Engine Change

For about 3 years now we have offered spam filtering devices and spam filtering services to our clients. Every so often we make some big leaps in the technology that runs this, and here is another!


Who have we been working with?

We have been working closely with Comodo and their virus / spam threat lab, and have got a solution to improve the experience for all. We chose Comodo for this project after looking at the new release of the existing engine called “MailCleaner” and Comodo’s engine called “KoruMail”.


Why KoruMail?

There are many reasons we have chosen to use KoruMail over grading the existing engine which include access to support, development is better and more; four reasons are: –

  1. KoruMail uses Comodo’s business grade antivirus product for scanning emails instead of a free basic scanner.
  2. Comodo have a dedicated team creating and writing spam rules allowing us to be ahead of the game.
  3. Not only do we have the access to RBL’s (Blacklists), Comodo provides their own managed list like this too.
  4. More customisable so we can tailor it to each client.


What advantages will that give SpamSnake?

This is the big question, but we have many answers as the change is so successful, where to start!

  • We launched the new system on 02/11/2017, before this we were seeing about 70% of email being classed as clean. Now we see on average 45-50% classed as clean, this is a massive 20% extra caught!
  • New classifications of emails too, so we tag the subject lines to [PROMO] and similar for adverts etc. This allows you to have rules in your email clients like Outlook to move them to folders and more with ease.
  • Quarantine reports are produced every 4 hours with just the newly caught stuff since your last report unlike the old system, as an illustration something is caught b mistake you don’t have to wait 24 hours to release it.
  • Spam is no longer just split into Spam, Virus and Clean. We have many categories like: –
    • Spam
    • Probable Spam
    • Certainly Spam
    • Virus
    • Social
    • SPF Reject
    • and many more allowing us to see exactly what your receiving and help battle this growing menace better.


Our Conclusion

The KoruMail engine is extremely good and has already proven itself. There are more features coming in future developments to help protect you better.

If you do not believe us; why not contact us and setup a free 2 month trial!

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