November 2018 Office 365 Email connection Issues

Today we are experiencing connections issues with Microsoft’s Office 365 platform for emails. This is the first big problem we have experience with the platform that has effected users for a long period, and we can assure all our customers this is being worked on.

At around 10:00 UTC Microsoft raised an alert in our control panel saying that the they have an unconfirmed potential issue with Exchange (Email side of Office 365).

By about 11:35 UTC Microsoft confirmed there is a end user connection issue to the Exchange infrastructure and they are investigating how many people this is affecting and looking for a solution.

The latest update we have had was at roughly 13:00 UTC from Microsoft saying they have re-routed network traffic through different servers which should start seeing peoples connections come back online shortly while they fix the servers that are causing the issue(s).

If you still have issues with your system please get in touch with us so we can investigate these for you.