Improved Password Security

As part of an improved drive to protect your telephone system from abuse the latest update has stronger password policies with a built-in compliance checker.

To take advantage of this additional security position we will soo be informing the system to regenerate usernames and passwords for accounts that do not meet these requirements. Once your account has been regenerated we shall send you a new welcome email with these details.

SSL Security Updates

In the next month 3CX will be updating the security certificates on their servers, required for secure communication with 3CX. This means that we will need to go to update 6 as soon as possible. 3CX continue to add many security features under the hood to ensure safe operation of the PBX and secure communications.

Faster Smartphone Apps with Improved PUSH

The PUSH functionality for the iOS and Android smartphone apps has undergone major improvements. It is now much faster and more reliable.

Web Based Softphone

Now you can make phone calls right from your browser without even installing a softphone. The new update integrates a WebRTC softphone in the webclient. As this feature is still in beta, it needs to be enabled from the management console. If you would like this feature enabled please raise a support ticket requesting this. The web client will then have an additional phone option under the phone icon in the top right corner, as shown below.

Other Features

There are many other smaller improvements like new compatible phones, QR Code support for setup etc; but nothing that should effect your use of the system.

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