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April 2021 – Price Changes

Why the price change?

Normally we raise our prices around April, this can be anything from the cost of internet connections through to our support prices. Due to COVID-19 we have not increased our prices for 12 months to try and help our customers.

Unfortunately, as costs are starting to rise we must increase our charges. Below is a list of services and the related increase in charges for each service.

With all the increases they will take effect from 01/06/2021 giving everyone over a months notice.

Communication Services

Mobile Phone

As part of our services we are lucky to be able to provide mobile phone SIM Only contracts, these  can be for mobile calls, sms and data in the traditional format through to mobile data SIMs for internet routers.

Our provisions of services are based on the network of O2 or Vodafone. This year under the normal Retail Price Index (RPI) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) these prices are going to be increased by the following amounts: –

  • O2 – No Increase
  • Vodafone Legacy – 1.2% Increase
  • Vodafone – 4.5% Increase

Internet Connection

Non-Fibre Broadband Rental charges, including ADSL, SMPF and LLU based services, will increase by 4.5%. These include all variants of BT Wholesale ADSL (20 and 21cn), TalkTalk Business SMPF, Annex M and MPF products.


Following the publication of the Wholesale Fixed Telecoms Market Review (WFTMR) on 18th March 2021, which came into effect as of the 1st April 2021, Openreach have recently announced price increases on their copper based products and engineering services with a view to support the retirement of the copper network.

As a result of the review and the Openreach announcement, we must advise you of changes to our WLR, ISDN and engineering prices. 

Below are a list of products that will be increased.

  • Supply of New Digital Standard/System/ISDN30
  • Rental for ISDN2 and ISDN30
  • Rental for DDIs on ISDN2 and ISDN30 and planning charges
  • Transfer charges for ISDN2 and ISDN30
  • Cancellation of ISDN orders
  • Connection and supply of new line – Basic, Premium, Multi-line
  • Transfer Charges for Basic, Premium, Multi-line
  • Rental for Basic, Premium and Multi-line 
  • Conversions and cancellation charges
  • Standard chargeable visits, additional hours an supplementary engineering charges

Support Services

Hardware Support

Within our support structure, a clients cost is based on the number of devices and products that need to be managed, maintained and supported. After reviewing our costs and trying to keep things at a sensible level the following increases will be applied: –

  • Computer Support – £0.50
  • Server Support – £3.00
  • Virtual Server Support – £3.00

Software Services (SaaS)

There are currently no plans to increase the price of our SaaS services as we have not been notified of a required increase by our SaaS providers. We are in the process of looking at our SaaS backup solutions to make sure they are fit for purpose as more and more companies add SaaS services to their systems or even migrate fully to a SaaS solution.

Questions and Problems

If you have any issues, questions or worries about the content of this document please do not hesitate to contact our team via our helpdesk.

Due to the nature of these possible questions or issues; can we request that you contact our helpdesk via email on or via our support portal on

We request this as our front line engineers will not have the answers to price changes or charging information while you are on the phone. This request is also to make sure our engineers are free to help customers with issues and keep services running smoothly.

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