19th March 2018 – Snow Status

The weather has hit us again, this time no beasts involved.

Unfortunately, for safety reasons we will not be performing site visits today as reports of road closures, accidents and more, show that it is un-safe to do so.

All services are as per normal except for site visits, so if you are able to get in and need help. Give us a call on 01884 664004 or email us on helpdesk@strobe-it.co.uk

1st March 2018 – Snow Status

Whats all this about?

As you all might be aware, the UK has been experiencing especially cold weather. This has now unfortunately hit the South West.

This morning at 06:15 GMT in Tiverton at the office there was nothing to greet us for the start of the day. Unfortunately, by 06:30 this changed bringing in a nice layer of snow.

This weather according too the news is going to get worse as we have store Emma approaching which is set to bring in more snow.


How does this effect us?

Well weather like this does not normally effect us, but due to the current conditions we have some alterations.

During the current weather our engineers are still contactable on 01884 6640004 and helpdesk@strobe-it.co.uk , but we shall not to performing any site visits today and until further notice.

We are sorry if this causes issues to your business, but we believe being safe is the best.

Please rest assured our monitoring and remote support is not affected.


Service Status

Remote SupportService as Normal
On-Site SupportCurrently Unavailable
Internet ConnectionsService as Normal
Office 365Service as Normal
Spam FilteringService as Normal


Nov 2017 Internet Protection

Internet Protection with Dome Shield

As part of our constant developments as an MSP, we have been looking at the biggest issue for our clients; the INTERNET!


Why is that an issue?

There are many reasons why the internet is an issue, for others more of the following examples will apply than others: –

  • You want to stop access to known virus infected websites
  • Do online banking and want additional protection to stop access to phishing websites
  • Restrict or stop certain content types entering the business


How will this protection work?

The process is an address book lookup change, instead of giving you the address of the unwanted information we give you the address of a page explaining why you have been stopped.

A little more information on this for a technical minded is….

Every human readable address like www.strobe-it.co.uk for example is converted to a computer readable address lie which is called and IP Address. So what we would do is change the address book you use (normally your internet service providers) to ours; at that point we send you the addresses in accordance to the configured rules we have for you.


So what does this extra protection cost?

This is the beauty thing, we are going to be offering this basic service for FREE to all maintenance clients. So be that you have either a remote only or on-site agreement we will offer this service to you FREE!


How do we get this setup?

We have already started doing this for our clients. Over November we are going to be rolling this out to all clients with compatible setups.

Once this is complete we will then be looking at customers with more complex setups, so watch this space!


What if we don’t want it?

If you do not want the service, or want to change some of the defaults to meet your needs; please contact us so we can make this work for you.

Nov 2017 SpamSnake Engine Change

SpamSnake Engine Change

For about 3 years now we have offered spam filtering devices and spam filtering services to our clients. Every so often we make some big leaps in the technology that runs this, and here is another!


Who have we been working with?

We have been working closely with Comodo and their virus / spam threat lab, and have got a solution to improve the experience for all. We chose Comodo for this project after looking at the new release of the existing engine called “MailCleaner” and Comodo’s engine called “KoruMail”.


Why KoruMail?

There are many reasons we have chosen to use KoruMail over grading the existing engine which include access to support, development is better and more; four reasons are: –

  1. KoruMail uses Comodo’s business grade antivirus product for scanning emails instead of a free basic scanner.
  2. Comodo have a dedicated team creating and writing spam rules allowing us to be ahead of the game.
  3. Not only do we have the access to RBL’s (Blacklists), Comodo provides their own managed list like this too.
  4. More customisable so we can tailor it to each client.


What advantages will that give SpamSnake?

This is the big question, but we have many answers as the change is so successful, where to start!

  • We launched the new system on 02/11/2017, before this we were seeing about 70% of email being classed as clean. Now we see on average 45-50% classed as clean, this is a massive 20% extra caught!
  • New classifications of emails too, so we tag the subject lines to [PROMO] and similar for adverts etc. This allows you to have rules in your email clients like Outlook to move them to folders and more with ease.
  • Quarantine reports are produced every 4 hours with just the newly caught stuff since your last report unlike the old system, as an illustration something is caught b mistake you don’t have to wait 24 hours to release it.
  • Spam is no longer just split into Spam, Virus and Clean. We have many categories like: –
    • Spam
    • Probable Spam
    • Certainly Spam
    • Virus
    • Social
    • SPF Reject
    • and many more allowing us to see exactly what your receiving and help battle this growing menace better.


Our Conclusion

The KoruMail engine is extremely good and has already proven itself. There are more features coming in future developments to help protect you better.

If you do not believe us; why not contact us and setup a free 2 month trial!

May 2017 Cyber-Attack

WannaCrypt Cyber-Attack

On Friday 12th of May over 90 countries have seen the start of a mass cyber-attack using a virus called WannaCrypt. This virus is an updated version of the recent CryptoLocker that hit businesses a few years ago.

Below is a guide on how this virus works as well as what you can do to protect yourselves; but a quick note for all is make sure your systems are up-to-date as this is why it has spread.


How does WannaCrypt work

How does it infect me?

WannaCrypt enters your computer by either an email which has an attachment, or a link that you click downloading it. Once it is in your network it tries to spread using standard SMB network language which is at the heart of most Microsoft networks.

What does it do to my machine once infected?

If you are successfully infected by the virus it starts searching for files it has access to on your PC and any network drives you have access to. Once this list is created the system then encrypts them using a password that your business does not know; as you do not know the password, encryption level or software you cannot access your files anymore.

How do I protect against this?

Maintenance Clients


As part of our ongoing tasks, in the background we are constantly looking at your businesses security from Microsoft patches to the quality of your virus scanner and connection to the internet.

The security patch from Microsoft that stops this infection from happening was released 14/03/2017 under security bulletin MS17-010. Our policies for patches of this security level are to run an update routine every day meaning our clients with PC’s protected by this patch will have it installed.

Non-Maintenance Clients

For our non-maintenance clients, we suggest you run your update procedures as soon as you can as well as running a virus scan on your computers. Once this is done your systems should be secure from this attack.

What do I do if I have already had my files compromised?

If your files have already been compromised you need to look at turning off all possible computers to stop the infection from spreading as well as contacting your preferred IT Support company or us via our Contact Us page.

Your support company should then be looking at either data recovery; or rolling your data back using your backup or disaster recovery system.

Why has this spread so fast?

The reason the virus has spread so fast is down to out of date systems. Lots of companies use out of date versions of software like Microsoft Windows for various reasons like: –

  • Lack of funds to replace systems
  • Run an older application that is no longer created
  • Run an older application that does not support newer operating systems like Windows 10



We hope this information has been helpful, but if you do have any questions please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

April 2017 3CX Partnership

New 3CX Partnership

Here at Strobe IT we have been continuing to invest time into getting better technologies and solutions for our clients. The recent developments we have been working on is with our VoIP telephone systems we offer.

We have for a while now been using and supporting a system called FreePBX; but as time has moved on so has requirements from our customers. Some of the features and functions that our customers have been asking for are: –

  • Remote access to take and calls on mobiles and other mobile devices
  • Video conferencing and web meetings
  • PC to phone integration for transfers, on screen notifications etc
  • Integration with other platforms like Office 365, Salesforce, SurgarCRM and many more

To provide these new features and abilities we have become a partner with 3CX allowing us to sell, support and provide what is required. As a business we like to specialise in the technologies we provide, enabling us to focus on providing a better service with the systems we have instead of branching to many and giving an OK service on them. Due to this we will be discontinuing the setup of any new FreePBX environments, we will still continue to support and maintain existing clients systems; just future installations performed by us will be using 3CX.

We do not take decisions like this lightly, but due to the above features and what benefits we can also apply using existing systems and services are: –

  • Disaster recovery using Datto
  • Shared address book which doubles as caller display with Office 365
  • Monitoring to the same level as a server using Comodo One MSP [Our monitoring and support platform]
  • Virus protection with Comodo or F-Secure
  • Integration of free and busy times in calendar with Office 365 & Microsoft Outlook
  • Faster deployments of handsets with no need to visit site

We see all this as good news as it allows us to serve you better while providing you a more compatible product; this will enable you to operate your business easier without having to learn another add-on.

March 2017 – New Microsoft Update Progress

Microsoft Unified Updated Platform (UUP) News

General Information About UUP

Over the last few days Microsoft have released more information on the up and coming Unified Updated Platform (UUP).

The main goal with this new style of update; is to improve customers experience of the update process from start to finish. To start the download is reduced in size making them quicker to download and lighter on computer resources to install.

Microsoft first release some details about UUP back in November 2016, and released it to testers soon after. This new technology is currently rumored to hit main stream for Windows 10 users this fall. To read Microsoft’s article about this see this blog on the Windows site.


Technical background to how this works

Currently all updates for Windows contain all files for that section of system that is being updated even if they are not changed. These additional files increase the size of the download for each update as well as increasing the time taken to install the update once downloaded.

The new system purposed by Microsoft is to only download the files that have actually changed, it is estimated to be up to 60% smaller.

Microsoft is using a technique like delta or differential to compare your computers current files; this determines which ones are needed creating a dedicated update for your machine. The dedicated update allows for smaller downloads to each machine along with quicker install times.

March 2017 Security Improvements

Security Improvements for Maintenance Clients

Over the last month computer security has had a lot of coverage in the news and on the internet. Some of these headlines are: –

  • Google Disclosing Unpatched Microsoft Windows Bug
  • UK Search Engines Agree to ‘Demote’ Pirate Websites
  • UK Cyber Fraud Losses up to £125 Billion
  • Over a Million WordPress Websites Defaced

With all this going on in the world we have changed some of the secure measures we apply to customers; these changes include running critical software patches daily.

Normally this change in schedule would not make much difference to your computers, but over the next weeks you will notice a slowness of your computers due to a Microsoft “mega” patch along with other big updates expected.  If this does effect you we are extremely sorry and please be aware we are monitoring the situation to make sure we get the right line between security and usability.

As part of this we are looking at other systems. These include backup systems, internet filters and more! We shall keep you all updated to our research and newer offerings so watch this space.

March 2017 Changes to VoIP and CDR Reports

VoIP and CDR changes from March

As part of our standard telephone lines (PSTN) and voice over IP (VoIP) telephone lines (Known as “SIP Trunks” ); we provide our customers with a login to SVK Software’s “CDR2Cloud” platform so they can run reports to see what calls they have made, their cost and various other information.


Why are we changing?

CDR2Cloud is a good system, and it has provided a good platform during its time; but we have come across two major issues with a few niggles that have forced us to look again. The problems we are having are: –

  • None of our customers seem to use the system to generate their CDR (Call Data Reports).
  • CDR2Cloud are scraping all the smaller packages forcing a price increase to us meaning we have to make the choice of change or up our prices to handle these costs.
  • Lots of the reports are basic not allowing customers to see what they need.
  • Development in the system seems to have stopped meaning features like adding your call plan to the CDR giving you an overview / single invoice has not progressed.


What is the way forward?

In-house we have been working hard to research a new system without any luck; so we have been developing our own.

Starting in March we will be using the new system and removing access to CDR2Cloud. All reports from CDR2Cloud have been exported and will be available in the new system.

The new system will work as follows for VoIP customers: –

  • Call Plan Invoice raised on 1st of month
  • Additional Call Invoice raised 7th/8th of month
  • VoIP Report generated and stored in your portal for viewing


So what is different?

The main differences are how you access the data, details on this will be passed to your accounts email address we have on file. The other big difference is the reports themselves, a summary of the differences are: –

  1. File name will be in the format of YYYY-MM-07–YYYY-MM-06_SIPID.pdf
  2. The date in the file name will be the plan date not the CDR date
  3. Report contains an overview page at the start showing a breakdown in costs across the plan and calls
  4. Pie chart on overview showing a percentage of call usage between UK Mobile (Main providers only) and other destinations.
  5. The CDR pages not only break down your calls but now show minutes used and remaining from within your plan


If you have any questions, or would like anymore information please get in touch with us.

Strobe Technologies Ltd

Feb 2017 Why Move to Office 365

Why are customers moving to Office 365?

This is a great question and something we get asked time and time again, so to help you all understand our business reasons for this we have decided to write an article on our website for you.


Less Hardware and Software Requirements

A big part of Office 365 is the hosted Exchange email service, this is provided as part of the subscription meaning you no longer need to purchase thousands of pounds’ worth of server hardware and software. Not only do you have to purchase the software you then have to purchase CALs (Client Access Licenses) which authorises your users or devices to access the data stored within Exchange.

This makes a big saving upfront for businesses and reduces additional monthly costs, like server maintenance contracts, electric bills and multiple internet connections.


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Email

As the designers of Exchange, Microsoft are the best people to host, update and secure the email platform for you. This platform is provided as a PaaS which is included in your Office 365 subscription, as part of this platform your email is load balanced across many servers instead of the usual 1 to 3 servers used by small businesses.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

As part of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription you can opt to include the Microsoft Office suite, this is the software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and so on…

Adding this option to your subscription not only means you have the latest and most secure platform; but also, the latest and most up-to-date software with all the new features all the time.
Gone are the days of buying the software once per machine at around £200 and then having to do that again two years later, going down this route means you get the latest version as it is updated. Included with each subscription you are licensed to install the software onto five different devices!

For example, if you have ten employees and each of them had two devices in the form of a desktop and a laptop you would need twenty copies of Microsoft Office for your business. With this option, Office 365 is licensed per user so you would only need ten licenses to cover your employee’s requirements.


Value for Money

For many years’, web hosting companies have offered mailboxes as part of their hosting packages with the options to upgrade the basic mail box to an Exchange mailbox at a cost. This has been good for customers without local Exchange servers, but as the Office 365 system has evolved many of these standalone Exchange mailboxes are becoming expensive in comparison and generally lack the ability for correct backup.

Looking over our own pricing, it is cheaper to have an Office 365 user subscription than a standalone Exchange mailbox; and by doing this you gain all of the following advantages: –

  • Skype for Business – Web conferencing
  • Yammer – Enterprise social networking
  • OneDrive – Online file storage (per user storage, not great for business sharing)
  • SharePoint – Business teams and structure (Can add file storage, calendars etc as required)
  • Office Suite – Can add desktop software to subscription at additional cost
  • Backup – Interface for backup solutions like Datto Backupify

This list is not exhaustive as Microsoft keep adding more all the time making the benefits vast.

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