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May 2020 – New Spam Service

Why the change?

Spam, viruses, phishing and spoofing email attacks are constantly improving and we have to keep up with technologies and trends to fight this.

Our current filtering systems technology is good, but it has it’s limits moving forward. Due to this we have invested time in making sure we have the right solution that can grow moving forward.

What to expect in the new system

The new system called “Secure Email Gateway” has many improvements technically; but here is a summary of ones that will directly effect our users: –

  1. Friendly user interface to search quarantine and logs
  2. Ability to request white and black listing of email addresses
  3. Ability to report emails as spam

Quick Start Info

Main Functions

After a successful login your taken to the main screen where you are presented with your quarantined emails, the newest is at the top.

Down the side you will see all the other basic functions like reporting spam and requesting whitelisting.

Configuring Quarantine Reporting

One of the great features about the new system is that you can customise when you receive reports about your spam.

To modify you setting do the following: –

  1. Choose the email address / alias
  2. Select “Account Management”
  3. From the newly appeared menu select “Manage report subscriptions”
  4. Choose the settings you prefer from the list
  5. Once you are happy save your settings

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