Backup and Disaster Recovery for business

Backup is an important part of anyone’s business, but not all backups and solutions used to perform backups are equal, this is good as it gives you and your business the flexibility to have what is right for you.

The styles of backup you can get are: –

Trust Kroll Ontrack to recover your data For additional information on data recovery, please visit our dedicated page where you can click on banners for more information or run through our own self-assessment tool.


Disaster Recovery

The idea behind a backup of this style is that not only can data be lost and need recovering; but an entire server or computer environment has been lost, and using this solution you can be up and running within minutes on a temporary system while the main system is fixed or replaced.

Datto Authorised Backup Partner Badge

We are an Authorised Partner of Datto who provides award-winning products allowing us to achieve a full disaster, continuity and recovery system. Their SIRIS range of products, for example, are dedicated servers designed to capture snapshots of your computer(s) / server(s) at regular intervals to suit you; in the event of something happening to those devices we can use the last snapshot to power up a virtualized version of the physical machine allowing you to continue working while this is fixed.

Part of the service that can be offered with a Datto solution is cloud backup and off-site virtualization giving you full protection for single or multiple device failures but also complete site outage.

For more information on the SIRIS solution please see our Product Brochure


File and Folder

File and Folder backup is the traditional style where the data is protected but not the actual operating system or environment used to access the data. This is great for simple systems & basic file servers where a new environment is configured easily for data restoration or the system is not time critical allowing downtime during a fix.

This style has evolved over the years now allowing backups to be either to local devices like DAT, LTO or external disk; the other option is to look at cloud which is really easy to use while reducing the initial spend on backup hardware and future backup device replacements once the life cycle has been reached.

Powered by GigaSoft BackupWe offer a cloud service for this where we charge for storage space used, not the number of clients/devices you are backing up. This software is called Online Backup Manager (OBM) and is powered by GigaSoft; this software agent sits on all the devices you require running all the different schedules for your business making sure you are safe.


Cloud Backup

In conjunction with our partner Datto we are able to offer Cloud / SaaS (Software as a Service) backup for third-party cloud applications like Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce & Social Media sites.

The Backupify system is a cloud-to-cloud meaning you have no software to install, hardware to configure or tapes/cartridges to manage. All of this is managed and done for you; removing the stress of storage and management allowing you to enjoy the services you have paid for.

With Backupify we provide a simple interface allowing you to backup one or many of your cloud systems under one account with ease.

Check out our Backupify for Office 365 brochure for more information on this variation.