Telephone Lines

Telephone services for a business can be anything from a single analogue phone line to full blow digital services provided over the internet.

With analogue lines they are known as PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network), and come in single or multi line options. PSTN lines are generally provided as a single line so broadband services can be provided across it.

ISDN is a more modern version of PSTN, We can provide ISDN lines on special request but this is getting less due to these services being retired soon.

Our services and abilities go all the way to up to SIP trunks which are used for VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone systems.

Telephone Systems

As a telephone solution we use the computerised flexible system called “3CX”. Due to 3CX being computer based telephone solution this gives us not just the flexibility of the software on how your system works, but how this is deployed from hardware on-site to stored in the cloud away from your building.

For information on 3CX and it features please visit our dedicated pages