Phone and Tablet Protection

Mobile devices like phones and tablets are commonplace for home users and becoming commonplace for businesses as well, especially with companies allowing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

Unfortunately, this trend of devices has opened business up for infections and data loss. Our protection suite is designed to reduce or even stop these issues.

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Functions in More Depth


Lost your device or it has been taken, then this alerting method enables us to send your phone a message to start playing a siren allowing you to find your device or highlight to people around it has been taken.

Remote Wipe

Losing your device is one thing, but losing the data it has access to or is stored on it is another.

This feature allows us to send your mobile device a command to erase all data stored on it keeping your information safe while enabling you to stick t ridged data protection policies.

Change Device Pin

Forgotten pins, device lockouts are a pain! As part of our service, we have the ability to change/reset device pins allowing you to gain access once more. Or in the case of a device being stolen, we can change this for security.

Lock Device

Devices are just like computers where is configured right they turn off the screen after no use and lock requiring you to re-enter your security information. What if someone has grabbed your device while it was open, or you lost it and worried that it is still unlocked!

Part of our protection suite is a tool that allows us to send a lock command to your device, once received your device will lock instantly requiring your pin to gain access.