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May 2020 – Sky kills 3CX business VoIP

What is 3CX?

3CX is a world leading telephone solution. Instead of traditional systems being based on hardware you purchase they are a software solution which you can install on hardware or host in the cloud.

In the fight to keep businesses communicating and working, having a VoIP solution like 3CX is vital in that success.

What have Sky (BSkyB) done?

Sky offer their broadband customers a protection filter known as “Broad Shield”, this system is designed to block known threats and illegal content coming into your house hold.

Unfortunately over the weekend (8th-11th May 2020) this shield has decided to list the domain under one of their categories.

Due to the domain name of being blocked by shield, all 3CX installations registered in the UK are not accessible from a Sky internet connection.

What is being done about this?

We have tried to contact Sky using their miss categorised tool; but unfortunately this tool is not working so nothing can be reported.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation the current wait time on their helpdesk is 30+ minutes.

Once this article is finished we are looking to post this on Twitter to try and grab attention of Sky as this error will hinder already struggling businesses.

How to resolve telephone issues

Currently at the moment the only way to solve this issue is to visit and login.

Once you are logged in you can select broadband within your services and locate the “Broadband Shield” button.

From the shield screen you can either disable is link in the picture below or attempt to write your own exception lists. We Do Not recommend you try the exception list as links to the Webmeeting video service (and others) are not the same address as the visible one you have already meaning not all services might work.

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