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No More 2nd Life for Computers

RIP Tombstone

What is meant by a 2nd life?

Strobe IT tries to be a green IT company by offering services and solutions which impact the climate as little as possible.

One of the ways we were able to do this was with recycled computers. A recycled computer is a computer that has been traded back during an upgrade process that big businesses go through; these traded back computers are then cleaned up and older components replaced. These computers that are 90% 2nd hand are then sold to clients giving them a good machine at great value; and at the same time giving the hardware a 2nd life / use.

Why are we no longer doing this?

We have spent a long time working with Approved Selection advertising their refurbished computers, and we did have a great relationship with them.

Unfortunately the parent company who is also the distributor for these have decided to stop supplying them to us.

Due to this we cannot get the stop to continue providing this good green service to our loyal customers.

Will we be looking to find another source of refurbished hardware?

As a company we have had to make the extremely sad choice to not pursue alternative suppliers for such equipment.

The problem we have found is that most companies that provide these goods are not UK based and do not follow good codes of conduct.

Companies like Flex IT Distribution who provide Approved Selection have no interesting in good, correct business practices; and we cannot continue to trade with such rogues as this is only resulting in the continuous disappointment of our clients.

Moving forward we have decided to focus our resources and energy into providing better and more affordable solutions to clients based around a solid, reliable and trust worthy backbone of distribution and wholesale partners.

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