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Office Updates not allowing Office to Open

Updates to computers is an unfortunately but necessary feature. This process can do anything from add new or improved functions to fixing a security hole.

Microsoft Office is an interesting update compared to Windows. When people see the Windows “Updating do not turn off” or similar messages they pop off to grab a coffee or do that paper filing.

But when Office performs updates we see an influx of support calls about not being able to access Office; especially Outlook for emails.

Office 2016 / Office 2019 updating message

When you see the above message, this is the same idea of your Windows message in that you have to wait until it is finished. As support goes; there is nothing wrong or broken for us to support!

In an attempt to stop this happening here are some key things to look out for!

When using Outlook or similar applications you might see following banner asking to update.

This is your chance to perform the update when it suites you!

When updates are available, or you have requested a new feature not already installed in Office the “Click to Run” box will be present in your computers system tray.

Clicking on this allows you to start the updates when you are ready.

Activity running these updates when you do not need Office is a good thing, else your computer will be forced to do them; and that is never at a good time!

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