Who are Comodo?

Comodo is a relitively unknown name in business for anti-virus, but this is all changing as competition from this American giant is heating up. Comodo might be a new name in anti-virus but the company has always worked in the security field of the tech industry; be it from SSL security certificates on websites to desktop firewalls.

In 2008 Comodo extended its background in security from servers and communication to computers and end points by entering into the anti-virus arena.

Comodo Products

Comodo Client Security

Comodo Client delivers a layered suite of protection that is lightweight and scalable. Users can run any application on their endpoint with confidence, having only known good applications running on your network outside of containment.
Comodo Client includes:

As a Comodo partner we not only provide the anti-virus for your business, but we also add your machines to our management portal giving you pre-made and tested best practice policies for how the system should work and protect you; as well as us being able to provide local UK based support.